Mishandled by Inviso Piggy Demons?!
If Voodoo Is Local News, It's Time To Move to Civilization

Attacked by "Invisible Creatures"

from ZoutNet

MAKOLONGWE – A 30-year-old man alleges that he was attacked by what he calls ‘invisible creatures’ while he was asleep on Friday night. He said the devilish torture lasted for approximately 20 minutes.

Ndivhuwo Rammbuda (30) of Makolongwe, near Shadani, said he locked his one-roomed house as usual before he went to bed on Friday night. He explains how the troubles started at midnight: "I make sure that I close all the windows of my house and lock the door before I go to sleep each night. I thought I was dreaming when I saw two creatures the size of small piglets making a terrible noise inside my house. They then moved into my bed and started mishandling me. I don’t know how they got inside the room as the door was locked. After some time, the creatures disappeared and the next minute there was a big banging sound. I tried to scream but my voice could not come out..."

Ndivhuwo said his room was immediately filled with flames but they didn't burn him. He suspects it was ndadzi (a special bird that superstitiously emits flames to kill its object) that was sent by witches to destroy him. "While I was still in shock, cement debris started attacking me as it fell on my bed like rain. I covered my whole body with a blanket to avoid injury. Thereafter came a dead silence, but I could not sleep until the next morning..."

The visibly shocked bachelor said when he woke up in the morning he found that his stoep was damaged and the cement debris that "attacked" him on his bed was the remains of his stoep.

Ndivhuwo remains adamant that he will not move out of his house, despite the attack. "I will rather die here than moving out. I think these are the works of jealous people who want to destroy my life. I will never give in and I will continue with life until I win my battle for a better life..."

A well-known Limpopo traditional healer, Dr Zacharia Ramaliba, says mysterious experiences like this happen but he denied that it was a ndadzi. "If it were a ndadzi, it would have killed him, or he might have fainted, while his tongue protrudes out of his mouth. He would even not tolerate its odour because of its strength. I cannot deny or confirm that these are the works of some people but I advise him to do something about it..."

Pastor Mboswobeni Mankhili of the Wells of Revival Church says Ndivhuwo should turn to God to avoid things of this nature. "Only the power of prayer can save him and the choice is his whether to choose life or death..."


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