Worshipping Radioactive Meteorites - How Quaint

...Like Cavemen Might Do - Their Deities Must Be So Proud

Indian Villagers Worship Rocks after Meteor Shower

from Steel Turman

Villagers in western India have reportedly begun worshipping rock fragments following a meteor shower.

Residents in Gujarat state's Kutch region have been hunting for meteorite fragments after streaks of light were seen over three heavily populated districts late Monday, the Times of India daily said.

Witnesses said they heard a big thud Monday night while others saw streaks of red and yellow light falling from the sky, according to the paper.

Some villagers believe meteorites are the rocks that Rama, hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana, used to build a bridge to rescue his kidnapped wife.

Others say the rock fragments have special powers.

"My son picked up one such stone and developed rashes on his hands. I believe these stones have been sent by God," Hansa Bai, a villager who lives in Jamnagar district, told the Times of India.


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