Like the Pope, Even I Can Be Cruel [The Mail Bag]

Don't hold your breath for those pearly gates, Johnny P.

From: Me
To: Lum, Sam, Matt, Mario, Steve
Date: 04/01/05 06:24PM
Re: Poped Out

"The Pope Is Deteriorating"
"The Pope Takes Turn for the Worse"
"The Pope Has Heart Failure But Remains Conscious"
"The Pope Given Last Rights"
"The Pope Near Death"
"The Pope Sliding Toward Death"

Sliding? SLIDING!?!? That hungry vegetable girl didn't take this long.


OK, that was evil. I just appreciate a dramatic exit.

Consdering what day it is, I predict he's gonna pop up in the window at midnight with a big grin, do a cartwheel down to the square and high five the nuns. "Gotcha!"

From: Sam
To: Me
Date: 04/01/05 06:51PM
Re: Poped Out

Yes, that WAS evil.

But while watching the coverage of his Easter mass, I couldn't help but be reminded of A Weekend At Bernie's. I just kept imagining these Cardinals hiding behind the drapes moving his arms and mouth and insisting that everything was A-Okay.

So, I guess I'm evil, too.

It just better not screw up my weekend TV plans; that's all I gotta say.


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