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What Are the Raelians?

Raelians Offer Shamed Cloner Hwang New Job

from Sploid

Clonaid, the human cloning company of the Raelian movement, has offered disgraced cloning expert Hwang Woo-suk of South Korea a job.

Hwang was the darling of the global cloning community for about a year as he announced one success after another cloning human stem cells.

But his empire was beset by scandal. It was learned that some of the embryos used in his research were supplied by his subordinates.

Then came word that most, if not all of his cloned stem cell lines were fakes.

And when his work was put under the scrutiny of peer review, Hwang was dismissed as a fraud. All he was left with was the feeble claim that he had in fact cloned a dog.

But the Raelians have faith in him. In a press release outlining their offer to him they express the belief that he is a victim of a conspiracy by groups such as the Catholic Church that have moral oppositions to stem cell research.

Rael founded Clonaid in 1997 and just five years after announced to the world that an American couple, with the aid of Clonaid scientists, produced the first cloned baby via Caesarean section.

The happy couple declined to come forward and provide DNA evidence for fear the state of Florida would take their baby from them.


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