How Many Muslims Does It Kill To Screw in a Lightbulb?

Muslims Angry Over Stampede Humor

from The Associated Press

A Muslim civil liberties group demanded an apology Thursday from the host of a Los Angeles-area radio show for making fun of a stampede that killed hundreds of Muslims during an annual pilgrimage.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations asked for an apology from KFI-AM 640 host Bill Handel, who allegedly made fun of the deaths the same day they happened during a segment he called the "Annual Stampede Report."

A spokeswoman for KFI, which is owned by Clear Channel Communications, did not immediately return a message left Thursday. Handel's producer, Michelle Kube, also did not return calls for comment. Handel had left work for the day and attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.

At least 363 pilgrims were killed and hundreds injured in a stampede January 12 in Mecca, where thousands of people were rushing to carry out a symbolic ritual of stoning the devil.

According to the civil liberties group, Handel imitated the people screaming and then joked that the Muslims at the pilgrimage should use a helicopter to monitor pilgrimage traffic, as is done in Los Angeles with the freeways.

The group quoted Handel as saying: "This is Mahmoud Nolan. Hajj in the Sky. There is an accident...Ali lost his sandal on the on-ramp to the Martin Luther King Jr. freeway."

In March 2004, KFI issued an on-air apology after the group filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission following a skit that claimed Muslims have sex with animals, don't bathe, and hate Jews.

"The deaths of hundreds of people engaged in religious observances is no laughing matter," Sabiha Khan, the group's spokeswoman, said in a statement. "KFI needs to distance itself from Mr. Handel's unbelievable insensitivity by issuing a formal apology and a reprimand."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Handel is right. I have the balls to admit it. Do you? More and more, society is learning that Islam is a "religion" loaded with individuals the majority of which have a propensity to go over the top. PERIOD.

February 06, 2006 11:44 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

[Looks around.] Who the hell are you talking to?

The "you" must be plural. I mean, look at where you are. Godless Wonder. "There is no god" it says up there. You're replying to a story about Muslim outrage at being made fun of after accidentally trampling each - that I titled "How Many Muslims Does It Kill To Screw in a Lightbulb?" Followed by pictures of lemmings running to their deaths and destructive tidal waves. Your reply is under Led Zeppelin's "Trample Under Foot" (note the Swan Song as well). Just look to your right and there are a few other Muslim articles with equally dismissive, disrespectful, and belittling headlines and pictures. I'll defend them against unfairness and even praise them if they deserve it. But few religions do anything worth praising, and they do many, many horrible things.

No, you must have meant plural. Or your balls are attached incorrectly, perhaps covering one eye. Ooh, I like that explanation better. "Balls over eye." It's official.

There! Now that I've belittled you for your misplaced little challenge, I will agree with both points, Balls Over Eye: Handel is right and Muslims are more prone to violence or bloodshed than other religions like, say, Mormons. Or nuns. We haven't had a nun riot in years! It's likely the culture of these countries - many primitive, superstitious, walking barefoot down dirt roads - coupled with the rather severe religion they follow.

I just wish Handel's joke was funny. Seems like a sensible idea COMMA actually.


February 07, 2006 2:11 AM  

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