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Christian Groups Accused of 'Proselytising' Muslims in Indonesia

from Christian News Today

BANDA ACEH, INDONESIA - Tensions between fundamentalist Muslims and Western aid workers have begun to erupt in Aceh as the tsunami-devastated Indonesian province slowly recovers, reports The Australian newspaper.

"Islamic activists have claimed that aid workers are secretly attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity, pointing particularly to World Vision, Aceh Relief, the International Catholic Mission, and Church World Service," said Powell.

Rumors swirl in Aceh of conversions from Islam to Christianity, of plans to undermine Islam with largesse from Christian charities, and of a secret Christian agenda of seemingly innocuous aid organisations.

Aceh was traumatized by the Boxing Day tsunami, which left 170,000 dead and missing, but however needed the Western aid organisations have been, they have always been watched with wary eyes.

Long known as Indonesia's most conservatively devout province, Aceh introduced strict Islamic sharia law in 1999. Gamblers have been publicly caned and religious police have detained bare-headed Muslim women or couples seen canoodling.”

Christian organisations flatly deny they are trying to bring the Christian faith to Aceh.


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