'You Got Your Islam in My Christianity!'
'You Got Your Christianity in My Islam!'
(Oy Vey, Thinks Cthulu)

Half the calories, twice the violence?

Here Comes 'Chrislam'

from Sploid

A crazy new religion that combines Christianity and Islam is all the rage in Africa.

"Chrislam" mixes the Koran with the Christian and Jewish bibles.

It might not sound like much of a stretch - the Koran is filled with stories and characters from the Christian and Jewish bibles - but the followers of Jesus and Mohammed have long been at each others' throats.

In Nigeria, where the new hybrid religion was invented, war between Muslims and Christians killed more than 50,000 since 1999.

The preachers who made up Chrislam hope it ends religious war in Africa by getting rid of the two old religions that have caused so much trouble for everybody.

"Chrislam" is a globally popular religion of the future in the role-playing game Cthulhu Rising.


Blogger gnome said...

Mixing Christianity and Islam is actually extremely easy, as those two religions are grounded on an identical basis...

Ia, ia, cthulhu, fha-tang (or something)

January 26, 2006 5:02 AM  

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