Jesus Christ! Case To Be Dismissed?

See? No lightning.

Italian Judge Mulls Trial for Priest in Christ Case

from AFP

VITERBO, Italy - An Italian magistrate mulled whether a 75-year-old Roman Catholic priest should stand trial for asserting the existence of Christ.

The case was brought by atheist author Luigi Cascioli, who told reporters Friday he was happy the case, first brought in 2002, had come to court.

"Christ never existed, but is an invention of the Church," said Cascioli, accusing the priest, Enrico Righi, of misleading the public by presenting Jesus as an historical figure.

Cascioli, 72, said Righi in his role as parish priest had violated article 661 of the Italian penal code which, under the term "abuse of popular gullibility", sanctions people who mislead others.

Cascioli, an agronomist by training, used the occasion to promote his book The Fable of Christ in interviews with foreign journalists intrigued by the case.

Righi had asserted the historical existence of Christ in a parish newsletter.

Judge Gaetano Mautone adjourned the case after the behind-closed-doors hearing on Friday in which he heard legal argument from lawyers for both men.


Blogger Undone said...

I don't agree at all that Jesus does not exist. Actually, he is alive. :-) We will all know that time when that time comes. Just make sure that you open your heart when you see Christians disappearing from the earth. Yeah, it has been prophesied for centuries but who are we to say that it will come tomorrow or ten years from now. God is merciful and He will leave signs, like he has in eyewitness that were recorded in the Bible and landmarks that still stand today.

It is not a waste to believe in father God. It will be such a waste when you are before Him in judgement and he ask you this simple question. "Do you know my son Jesus Christ?"

January 31, 2006 10:59 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

"Never heard of him."

Only the religious would call the accounts in the Bible "eyewitnesses." That's adorable! It's like when creationists call what they don't understand "science." Makes me giggle.

February 20, 2006 5:52 PM  

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