Judas: Traitor? Scapegoat? Anti-Semetic Fiction? Made Jesus a Star?

Who Stole the Gospel of Judas?

from Sploid

The missing gospels have never been so popular as they are today, with ancient esoteric texts about Jesus inspiring best-selling books and blockbuster movies.

While reading a heretical gospel used to be enough to get you tortured by the Pope's goon squad or even burned at the stake, today's Christian skeptic can find a trove of hidden Jesus books just by looking around the Internet or a bookstore.

The current craze for all things Gnostic has made the upcoming release of The Gospel of Judas a huge event.

And for modern-day Indiana Jones trying to keep such historical treasures from the hands of money-grubbing thieves, it's outrageous that the National Geographic Society has
bought the ancient text from known archaeological criminals.

"They're trying to sell the sensationalism of the Gospel of Judas to get as much back as they can from whatever they paid for it," renowned Gnostic expert Dr. James Robinson
told the Christian Science Monitor.

The National Geographic Society says it will
return the treasure to Egypt after it's translated.

An Egyptian and his Greek agent first put the
Judas Gospel up for sale in 1983. They wanted a staggering $3 million for the mysterious book, which was written at least a generation after the alleged events occurred and possibly up to a century later.

The Gospel of Judas claims that the infamous traitor was actually doing the
work of God - if Jesus didn't get crucified, Christians wouldn't have a cross as a symbol or an allegedly resurrected man-god to worship.

Not one of the four canonical gospels was written within the lifetime of the disciples who reportedly witnessed the brief evangelism of the man Christians would later claim was the Son of God.

While no biblical scholars claim the newly translated Gnostic gospel is the actual literary work of a disciple called Judas Iscariot, there's also evidence that Judas himself never existed.

Anti-Jewish Roman Christians needed a
Jew to be the bad guy and take the blame off the Roman Empire, biblical experts say. Judas - his name means "Jew who lives in the Roman province of Judea" - was an ideal character to be the sellout.


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