Mormons & Russians Attack Darwin

Anti-Darwin Bill Fails in Utah

from Gay News Blog

In a defeat for critics of Darwin, the Utah House of Representatives on Monday voted down a
bill intended to challenge the theory of evolution in high school science classes. The bill had been viewed nationally, by people on each side of the science education debate, as an important proposal because Utah is such a conservative state, with a Legislature dominated by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But the bill died on a 46-to-28 vote in the Republican-controlled House after being amended by the majority whip, Stephen H. Urquhart, a Mormon who said he thought God did not have an argument with science. The amendment stripped out most of the bill's language, leaving only that the state board of education "shall establish curriculum requirements relating to scientific instruction." Legislative officials said the bill was not likely to be revived before the scheduled adjournment of the Legislature on Wednesday. The Origins of Life bill, in its initial form, would have required teachers to issue a disclaimer to their students saying that not all scientists agree about evolution and the origin of species. It did not mention any alternative theory to Darwinism, but was viewed by some supporters and opponents as part of the drive to encourage the teaching of intelligent design, which says that life is too complicated to have evolved without an architect.

Russian Schoolgirl’s Parents Fight To Ban Darwin from Curriculum

from MosNews

Parents of a 15-year-old Russian schoolgirl have filed a suit against the Education Ministry, demanding to ban Darwin’s theory of evolution from the school program.

Darwin’s theory infringes the children’s right to believe in the creation of man, depriving them of the right to have different world outlooks, say the parents of Maria Shreiber from St. Petersburg.

Spiritual Heritage, an organization that supports the suit, argues that Darwin’s theory is still a hypothesis that remains to be proved, claiming that there is no reason it should be taught at school as the only correct version of human genesis.

The case is quite advantageous for the Russian Orthodox Church that has long argued that a subject called “Orthodox Culture Basics” should be introduced into the school curriculum.


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