USSR Put the Hit on John Paul II

from Sploid

An Italian parliamentary investigative commission will be formally presenting the results of their research later this month, but a preview reveals the shocking truth behind the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II.

"This commission believes, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the leadership of
the Soviet Union took the initiative to eliminate Pope John Paul," the report said.

"They relayed this decision to the military secret services for them to take on all necessary operations to
commit a crime of unique gravity, without parallel in modern times," it said.

Mehmet Ali Agca of Turkey shot the Pope in St Peter's Square on May 13, 1981. He was arrested minutes later and convicted of attempted murder.

It's long been believed that the Bulgarians were acting in concert with higher-ups in Moscow. At the time of the shooting, the Solidarity movement in the Pope's Polish homeland was starting to shake the Soviet Empire at its roots.

trial in 1986 failed to prove that Agca was hired by the Bulgarian government acting as a proxy for the Soviets.

Naturally the Bulgarian government rejects the latest findings.

"For Bulgaria, this case closed with the court decision in Rome in March 1986," Foreign Ministry spokesman Dimitar Tsanchev said. He also reminded the press that the Pope himself expressed his disbelief in Bulgarian involvement in 2002.

Agca, who was forgiven by the pope years ago during a face-to-face meeting,
recently finished serving his sentence for the shooting.


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