Hindus Use Fecal Water To Clean Dubya's Evil Stank Dog Whatever (Wink) Off Temple

...Sounds About Right

Hindu Priests Scrub Bush's Juju off Shrine

from Sploid

During Mommmmy...It's Touching Me! Now I Go into the Fire!President Bush's recent visit to India he attended a ceremony at a shrine dedicated to national hero Mohandas Gandhi. As soon as he left, the Hindu priests charged with caring for the holy site rushed in to clean it.

No doubt desperate not to offend the American president after he awarded them a nuclear gift bonanza, the priests are telling anyone who will listen that their concern is the sniffer-dogs that were used as security.

The priests found the U.S. presence so off-putting that they cleansed the area with water from the Ganges, a river teeming with human excrement.

Ghandi's great-grandson Tushar Gandhi has called the befouling a "national shame."


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