Well, If 'Chief Mufti' - Looking Like Robin Williams in a Genie Hat - Says I'm Abnormal, I Must Be: He Would Know

'Flogging Gays Is Normal'

from Sploid

Moscow's city government has vetoed a proposal for its first gay pride parade, citing anger in the community.

"[The plans] have caused outrage in society, particularly among religious leaders," mayoral spokesman Sergei Tsoi said.

Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's administration said it wouldn't even consider an application for such an event.

Russia's gay community is now threatening to take the matter to the European Court of Human Rights.

The parade was to mark the thirteenth anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Russia on Saturday, May 27.

Despite the legality of homosexuality, a poll last year showed that 43% of Russians still support incarcerating homosexuals.

The "outrage" was expressed loudly by Chief Mufti Talgat Tadzhuddin, who warned that such a procession would guarantee violence.

"If they come out on to the streets anyway they should be flogged. Any normal person would do that - Muslims and Orthodox Christians alike...[The protests] might be even more intense than protests abroad against those controversial cartoons."

Tadzhuddin went on to explain that the Koran teaches that homosexuality could lead to the extinction of the human race.


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