It Did Change His Life: Once Respected, Now a Punchline & The Concert Asshole Everyone Hates:
"Sit Down Up Front!"
"Stop Singing, Jerk!"

Tom Yells 'We Want Pre-Nup!'

from Pop Sugar

Though all the Tom and Katie splitting rumors have been put to rest, there is more news of Mr. Cruise behaving weirdly. The Scoop reports:

Now come reports that the Top Gun was acting rather bizarrely at a Kanye West concert at L.A.'s Avalon recently.

The Mission Impossible star "dangled off a nine-foot-high balcony" at the concert, according to the new issue of In Touch Weekly. He then complained "All these people are making me crazy. It’s too much!'" and, as onlookers "gasped in disbelief" he "climbed up cables to get away from the crowds." The account adds details to a report that first appeared in the New York Post.

Cruise made it up to the VIP balcony and reportedly "went nuts" when he heard his favorite songs from West. "As Kanye sang a line from 'Gold Digger,' about the need for prenups, Tom threw his hands in the air," according to the mag, which also says that Cruise chatted with other concert-goers about Scientology. "He asked us what religion we were," a source told ITW. "He told us that Scientology changed his life and his fiancée’s life, and it could change ours, too."

Of course, all was denied on his bizarre behavior but it sounds like he was just enjoying himself at a concert. Either way I miss the old Tom.


Blogger Steve said...

How the mighty have fallen. He's basically a joke, these days.

February 18, 2006 12:50 PM  

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