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Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise: No Scientology Ritual at Birth

from National Ledger

The fabulous Katie Holmes has reportedly declared to Tom Cruise that she will not allow Scientologists to commandeer her newborn at birth a published report details.

Mike Walker gives an account that reports that Katie is hysterical over the possibility of a Scientology birth ritual that is reportedly called "Processing of a New Mother."

In his Enquirer "All the Gossip" weekly feature, Walker claims that Katie is nervous over the fact that the baby will be controlled by the sects handlers.

The process is described in the article as a "bizarre ritual that separates mother and child for three days allowing only minimal contact."

Katie told Tom that she will reject this and told the star actor and Scientologist never to speak of this again.

Reps for Tom deny the story. Reps for Katie did not comment.

But it appears that as the birth gets closer, Katie is seven to eight months preggers, the reports and speculation of the birth and the relationship to follow are going to ramp up.

Katie and Tom are in Australia smiling for the cameras, and are putting a brave face on the rumors and innuendo.


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