Calling All Jesi! Come In, Jesi!

Wanted: Jesus Lookalike

from Sploid

California Christians are outraged over a search for a "Jesus lookalike" in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"I'm looking for a Jesus look alike to work with me on a few projects," says the anonymous writer on Craigslist, the popular online ads site.

"If you think you could pass as Jesus then please email me back."

Whatever the "few projects" are, area Christians suspect they're blasphemous.

Even more unsettling is the photograph included with the Help Wanted ad. It seems to be a recent picture of a long-haired young man in a bathrobe - but his eyes are blacked out.

The identity of this "Jesus" is unknown, as is his current fate or why a new Jesus lookalike is suddenly necessary.

It's hardly a shock that Jesus lookalikes are being sought in New York City, too.

A sacrilegious movie director at New York University is seeking someone to help him mock Jesus Christ in a "television studio project."

"The running time is about 5 minutes," film student "Peter" says in his Help Wanted ad.

"And the plot line is basically that Randy comes home to find that his roommate, Jesus, has destroyed the place by throwing a party the night before. This role will require an actor with long, dark hair and a beard, if possible."

Experts say the historical Jesus was short, hairy and looked like an Arab. It's unlikely his kinky black hair was worn long, and some historians even claim he was a negroid from Ethiopia.

Yet many Christians cling to the belief that a Jew living in the Middle East 2,000 years ago would've been a tall blond-headed Aryan with blue eyes and hair worn in a feathered-mullet style.


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