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Another School, Another Nixed ID Class

from Sploid

El Tejon Unified School District in California has followed in the footsteps of the Dover Area School Board by canceling their plans to teach a class that included materials that mention "intelligent design."

Rather than decrying the dubious scientific nature of ID, the school's statement said it was more an economic decision.

"It was very difficult for the school board to make this decision. Neither the school board or its employees have promoted any religious belief in any academic setting. The idea was to have an open discussion of the different points of views on the origin of life, a philosophical exercise in critical thinking," it read in part.

Americans United, a group that "protects separation of church and state," helped spearhead the movement to stop the class from taking place.

"This course was far from intelligently designed," said Americans United Legal Director Ayesha N. Khan. "It was an infomercial for creationism and its offshoot, intelligent design."


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