Satanic Blood Cult Fueled Russian Vampiress

Ukraine Vampire Caught Bleeding Kids Again

from Sploid

The notorious vampire woman of Odessa has been arrested again...and this time, cops say she's working for a powerful Satanic cult called "Red Dragon."

Twenty-nine-year-old Diana Semenuha was first arrested in March and charged with giving illegal drugs to homeless children.

The Black Sea port city has about 200,000 street kids, and many of them are addicted to sniffing glue or anything else to dull their pain and hunger.

Semenuha lured kids to her home and got them drunk on vodka and doped up on glue fumes. Then she used a syringe to steal their blood. The Telegraph
reported last year that she "believed that drinking blood could fend off a muscle-wasting condition."

But she was also selling the human blood to the city's many black magicians, as well as conducting her own
blood rituals for profit.

The vampire apparently was released from jail because the victims were all street kids who vanished before a court could hear their testimony.

Cops tracked her down from local newspaper ads this month, in which she offered $600 blood rituals under the name "Mr. Krait."

Police chief Victor Balan told the Interfax news agency she was arrested again on Saturday.

"As it turned out during the investigation, there is an organization in Odessa called 'Red Dragon,'" Interfax reported today. "Its members performed black magic rituals using human blood. The leader of this Satanic group has been identified. He collected all the money rank-and-file Satanists made out of black magic."

Police say the children survived the blood-pumping because the vampire dumped them back on the streets when they weakened. Semenuha kept her victims strapped down while she drained their blood.

"Detectives found seven drugged children strapped to beds and benches, and a large, black knife and silver goblet engraved with satanic symbols," the Telegraph reported from Odessa.

"I let them sniff glue, but I paid for it and took a small amount of blood in return," the vampire witch
said in her defense. "But there was no violence involved, I also fed them and gave them shelter."


Blogger gnome said...

Did you know that before the Bloshevik Revolution, people in southern Russia were so desperate due to Church oppression, that they figured that Satan must have been the good guy... thus turning to Satanism?

January 31, 2006 10:10 AM  
Blogger Darren said...

Oppression from Christians?!? I don't believe it. From the Inquisition to the Nazis to the KKK to Pat Robertson, Christians only ever do-good! *cough*

Actually, I'm having a hard time thinking of a single Good Deed in History performed by Christians. It's all blood and murder and hatred and villainy. If Jesus existed, he'd shit.

Maybe Satan IS the good guy. After all, his greatest sin appeared to be simply questioning god's decisions - a god who makes Zeus and Manson seem rational. (When you tell people to kill their children to prove they love you, you have serious issues. Deities like that don't merit worship.) All we know of Satan is how god's followers describe him. And we all know how unbiased they are. Maybe he's the scapegoat! The fall guy! If he is the prince of sins like eating shellfish and shaving, he might be the hero of this troubling little fairy tale!

Poor guy.

February 01, 2006 2:56 PM  
Anonymous Roy said...

Excuse me for interrupting, but I would like to help you guys out.

I agree, Christians have done a lot of bad things. For example, in medieval Europe there were witch burnings, religious wars, and there was plenty of oppression.

If we go back a little further, when the Roman Empire was still around, we should be able to see more of this. In fact... Oh wait... Christians were the ones getting mauled by lions and crucified, weren't they? And they accepted slaves as equals, didn't they?

Let's take another look at the middle ages then. The Christians organized into the Orthodox and Catholics. The Catholics, while definitely not perfect as proven by the inquisition and papal orgies and such, seem to have held together European society for a while... They stopped the Huns from destroying western civilization, then saved it from a potential annihilation by the Muslims later on. Also, it was Joan De'Arc who saved France from the English in the name of God.

Later on Christopher Columbus discovers the new world... Christopher means "Carrier of Christ". After that Christians colonize the Americas (read the Mayflower Compact), create American Democracy (The legal system is based off of Christian principles), and head the movement to end slavery and discrimination in not only the United States, but the whole world. Thank you Abraham Lincoln and Reverend Martin Luther King!

Let's see... In WW2 the Nazis did use the Christian banner, but it was only after they added pagan occultism to the mix! In fact, it was America, at that time traditionally Christian, who stopped the Psuedo-Christian Nazis. And the KKK... I didn't see Grand Imperial Wizards anywhere in the Bible. Maybe they added some things?

And yes, we Christians can be quite biased. But you just proved your own biases in your post. If you're not willing to look past them then, and contend that biblical Christianity is ignorant, then you, Sir, are a hypocrite. Open your history book before making claims. Open your bible before judging the system. No man is perfect. That's the whole point of Christianity.

December 16, 2008 1:40 AM  
Anonymous Roy said...

Oh, and Merry Christmas too you all. ^.^

December 16, 2008 1:42 AM  

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