Holy Hamburgers!
NY Hindus Fight To Keep Filthy Cows As 'Family'

Holy Cows Remain Subject of Legal Fight

from The Associated Press

Buffalo, New York - A Hindu couple whose sacred cows were banished from the western New York village of Angelica in 2003 have renewed their fight to bring them home.

Stephen and Linda Voith are appealing a state Supreme Court decision that sided with Angelica officials, who cited rules governing farm animals within village limits.

The Voiths, members of the Krishna Consciousness branch of Hinduism, insist that their six cows are not farm animals but part of the family and integral to the practice of their religion that protects and celebrates cows.

During the earlier court proceedings, neighbors called by the village as witnesses testified about the smell, manure, and flies - complaints the Voiths chalked up to religious intolerance.

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