Swedish Designer Makes Waves wth Satanic Jeans

from Religion News Service

Boras, Sweden - A Satanic logo, with a cross turned upside down on the forehead of a skull, has increased sales of a new jeans line among Swedish teens.

Designer Bjorn Atldax, who claims to be a devout anti-Christian, told RNS that the logo on the Cheap Monday jeans is intended to make Christians angry. He said his disdain for religion influenced the creation of the emblem. "I think organized religion is not good for the society. I don't oppose people believing in God privately but I hate congregations," Atldax said.

Atldax termed the Bible as "probably the most dangerous book ever written" and that it is "filled with a lot of contradictory things."

Local media reports describing the designer as a Satanist may have encouraged some parents to return the jeans their children bought and one shop canceling an order. But owners of Weekdays jeans stores in Stockholm, the Swedish capital, said the reports have not stopped teens from lining up to make purchases.

Atldax stressed that he used satanic symbols because they stood out."I don't believe in Satan or God. I don't care if there's a God or Satan because they have never spoken to me," he added.

The designer plans to create logos mocking, and critical of, other religions. "I plan to make something anti-Hindu because I think its caste system is awful. I am not considering any anti-Islamic work now because there are already a lot of anti-Islamic sentiments," he said.

More over on Sploid 12/30...


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