Good Work, Boys!

Between the horrors of the Inquisition, the Crusades, the molested children, why, the karmic balance has hardly shifted at all! Boys, next stop: The Vatican.

Twice As Many Catholics Killed in 2005

from Australian

Almost twice as many Catholic priests, other religious and lay workers were killed in violent incidents in the past year than in 2004, the Vatican's Fides news agency reported overnight.

Of the 26 deaths, four priests and a nun were killed in Colombia, where Fides said "the Church is paying a heavy price for its commitment to reconciliation and social justice in the name of Gospel."

Other countries in the Americas where killings occurred were Mexico, Brazil, and Jamaica, Fides said.

The agency stressed that some of those who died were victims "of a social context marked by violence, human misery and poverty that they were seeking to alleviate by their presence and their acts."

Fides also referred to the "long list of 'unknown soldiers of the faith"' who lost their lives in 2005 and "of whom perhaps nothing will be known."


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