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Charlotte Church Faces Catholic Boycott Over Nazi Pope Jibe

from The Daily Mail

One of the world’s largest Roman Catholic publishing houses has refused to sell any works by Charlotte Church after she called German-born Pope Benedict XVI a "Nazi."

The directors of US-based Ignatius Press were offended when the Welsh singer mocked the Church in the pilot of her forthcoming eight-part Channel 4 television chat show.

Church, dubbed the "voice of an angel" before she turned her talents to popular music, also dressed up as a nun and pretended to hallucinate while eating communion wafers imprinted with Ecstasy smiling faces.

She smashed open a statue of the Virgin Mary to reveal a can of cider inside, said she worshipped St. Fortified Wine, and stuck chewing gum on a statue of the child Jesus.

Now Ignatius Press, a company considered a "Catholic Amazon" because of the vast range of books, DVDs, cassettes and videos it sells online, has announced that Church's products have been withdrawn from its website and catalogue.

The company said: "It is with regret that we do this. Miss Church possesses a great gift from God, and in the past she has used her talents to offer praise and glory to our Lord.

"But we cannot stand by a young woman who uses her stature in the media to mock the Eucharist, slander the Holy Father, and denigrate the vows of religious women," it continued.

"Therefore, our catalogues and website will immediately withdraw all compact discs, cassette tapes, DVDs and VHS tapes that feature Miss Church. Please join us in praying for this troubled young woman," they added.

Church, 20, was raised a Catholic and sang for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican at the age of 12-years-old. But she made clear her dislike for Bavarian-born Pope Benedict, 79, shortly after it was reported that he considered the Harry Potter books as "subtle seductions" capable of corrupting young Christians. Church has read the entire J.K. Rowling collection.

The pilot for The All New Charlotte Church Show was filmed before a live studio audience last week. The show [is] to be broadcast this autumn by Channel 4.

Ignatius Press is the world’s primary English-language publisher of the writings of Pope Benedict XVI. But after his election as Pontiff in April last year, Benedict transferred the copyright for his works to the Vatican's own publishing house, Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

Pope Benedict, the son of a German policeman who was opposed to Naziism, was forced into the Hitler Youth as a child and during the Second World War he served briefly on an anti-aircraft battery.


Anonymous Panda Rosa said...

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Okay, so Ms. Church is picking on the Pope, big whoop. Ever notice how Sinead O'Conner has slid off the chart after she tore up John Paul's picture? Are such hysterics really necessary? It's one thing to make a point, but this is just childish attention getting tantrum time. In truth her voice has gone downhill and she is alienating her fans with this silliness. I hope Ms. Church enjoyed her little fling with blasphemy because it may be the last time anyone's going to pay attention to her; after this I predict a series of only "Oh no, not HER again!"s.

July 22, 2006 1:11 AM  

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