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06/06/06 Baby Weighs 6.66 Pounds

from Sploid

A Better luck next spawn.child born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on June 6 - otherwise known as 06/06/06 - weighed exactly 6.66 pounds at birth.

Many expectant moms were horrified at the prospect of giving birth on the alleged Day of the Beast, and some even had labor induced early to make sure their spawn did not carry the birthday of the Evil One.

But the mom of little Jimmy Lee laughed in the face of the Dark Lord and gladly gave birth to her own little Omen, who horrified nurses when he topped the scales at exactly 6.66 pounds.

According to NBC 5, nurses at the hospital claim Jimmy Lee was hardly the only baby born on that reportedly wretched day with a June 6, 2006, birthday.

Little Jimmy will probably not be under demonic influence, however, because the actual number of the beast in the bible's Book of Revelation is actually 616, not 666.


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