Who Would Jesus Shoot?

That's Right, Children...But Only Retarded Ones...And Only in the Back...

Mentally Disabled Kid Shot in Back by Pastor

from Sploid

Enraged by a neighborhood kid knocking on his door, a Des Moines pastor unleashed some swift and furious vengeance upon the boy's backside. Now the pastor's going to have to watch his own backside for about two years.

On Monday afternoon Steve Carlson noticed to dark spots on his mentally disabled son's underwear. He didn't think much of it. But as 14-year-old Dillon Carlson was finished taking his bath that night, his parents noticed matching wounds on Dillon's backside.

"The man who did this must be a sick individual and I hope he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law," said Carlson.

The man in question was none other than local pastor David L. Reasby, according to Sgt. Todd Dykstra of the Des Moines police department.

"Mr. Reasby was awoken, came to the door and told the individual to stop knocking on the door. The individual later on, knocked on the door again, at which time Mr. Reasby shot him twice in the back with a BB gun," said Dykstra.

Reasby, 51, is the pastor at of Lighthouse Full Gospel Baptist Church. He shares his home with the day care where Dillon is a student. Cops are now investigating the school.

Back in 1997, while working as a reserve police officer, Reasby was credited with helping clear a local park of drug dealers. His career in crime fighting ended in two years ago after he was picked up on assault and forgery charges.

Reasby has been arrested and is facing charges assault with a weapon. He could be looking at two years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


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