Satan: The King of All Media

Satan Is My Co-Pilot

from Sploid

A weird new survey shows that one in five Americans actually believes The Devil is responsible for books and movies that poke holes in Christianity.

The USA Today/Gallup poll "found that 19% see Satan trying to destroy people's religious faith when sales soar for books, movies and studies that raise doubts about Jesus or the Bible."

Not surprisingly, those who go to church every week were far more likely to believe The Devil did it.

For Christians in all their various denominations, it has been a terribly tough couple of years.

The new discrediting of the religion culminated in this spring's "War on Easter."

That outrage saw the quadruple whammy of a rediscovered Gospel of Judas hitting the mainstream, the paperback release of the mega-selling The Da Vinci Code, the remarkable success of a low-budget documentary that convincingly proves Jesus the Nazarene is a mythological character, and the intense publicity around the May 29 opening of the movie version of Dan Brown's Catholic-conspiracy thriller.

And a sputtering, furious and ultimately clumsy response by Vatican cardinals, the weirdo Catholic cult Opus Dei and Christianity in general has only fueled pre-release hype for the movie. Like a mirror image of the pre-release controversy around Mel Gibson's torture-porn Jesus epic The Passion, the forces worried about The Da Vinci Code are only making the movie irresistible.

(Another sign of Christianity's fall from grace is that Catholic fanatic Mel Gibson has turned his anger from Jesus-killin' Jews to Jesus-lovin' killer George W. Bush.)

Even more troubling for Christianity, Americans overwhelmingly say religion should be doubted - 72% agreed it's "human nature to be skeptical about religion."

Once again, the "faith" of Americans has been proven to be shallow and mindless. Only a tiny fraction of so-called Christians have read the Bible or even the short-yet-tedious New Testament as adults. These are the 75% of Americans who believe "God helps those who help themselves" is in the Bible (it's a Benjamin Franklin quote), the 60% who manage to remember more than four of the all-important Ten Commandments, and the 50% who can't even come up with the name of one of the alleged authors of the Gospels.

As a result, their theology is based on little more than pop culture and childhood fables: Christmas carols, Sunday School nonsense, Hollywood movies and the like.

It's no wonder church leaders are so scared and the intensely religious are seeing The Devil everywhere. But at least The Da Vinci Code claims the biblical figure of Jesus the Nazarene (or Jesus of Nazara) actually existed. Christianity can thank Dan Brown for keeping that mythology alive for a little longer, at least.


Blogger re22666 said...

what a nice blog. Satan commends you I am sure. I love anything that exposes any of the chinks in the christian armor

May 13, 2006 2:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Satan is the king!!
The one and only!!Hail Satan!!

June 22, 2007 1:27 PM  

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