Allah, Sunny Side Up

Allah's Miracle Egg

from Sploid

A man has reportedly discovered an egg with the word "Allah" inscribed on its wrinkled shell in Arabic.

Nonbelievers might chalk it up to the egg hardening before it had a chance to form correctly. But this guy knew it for what it was: a miracle.

According to the Borneo Bulletin, the man took the egg to a religious scholar who confirmed his discovery.

"Allah" has appeared in a variety of curious forms over the years: in a row of trees, in a statistical graph of the Koran, on the side of a fish, and in a row of clouds.

Still, it seems Allah has a soft spot for eggs. He put a religious quote on an egg about to be fried by an anonymous housewife, and on another occasion, the word "Allah" appeared on two eggs purchased by a 33-year-old man in Holland.

These written appearances put Allah distinctly at odds with the Christian Jesus, who doesn't write "Jesus" all over the place but instead appears in person on plates of manicotti and such.


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