This Week in Edible Miracles:
The Flying Bubbling Spaghetti Manicotti Monster Messiah!

Jesus Visits Plate of Manicotti
from Sploid

Leo Williams was dining at an Italian restaurant when a vision of Jesus came to him.

On his plate.

In a "bubbling, burned portion of cheese" covering a mound of tubular pasta.

"I looked at the plate and before I started to eat it I thought, I'm not sure about this," Williams told Local 6 News.

"So, we called the hostess. She came over and just got chills."

"The next thing you know you got the cameras coming out," he continued. "You got people who are eating here coming to our table to see it. They just had chills. There were about 100 people taking pictures."

Williams said that, since the Jesus-spotting, his perennial stomach ailments have mysteriously vanished.

Jesus pops up in the darndest places. He recently freaked out a nice Hindu couple in England by appearing in a hawthorn tree.

He has also put in appearances in burnt tortillas, pancakes, and other holy locations.

Looks like someone could do with a little less Jesi and a little more exercise...


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