Well, Of Course the Chicken Is Muslim! It Was Attacking Everyone...

Chicken's Life Spared After It Cries 'Allah'

from Sploid

A particularly violent chicken's constant attacks on a farmer and his family earned it a trip to the stew pot. The bird's strangled cries of "Allah!" have earned it a reprieve.

"I've had it for two years already," explained Ibragim Ismatullayev, the holy bird's owner. "It is extremely aggressive, ever trying to attack me or the kids, and so I decided to cook it."

When Ismatullayev grabbed it by the legs and pulled out his knife, it began to squawk. As Ismatullayev's blade was brought to the fowl's neck, his son cried out.

"Dad. It's saying 'Allah, Allah!' (listen!) Let him live."

Ismatullayev sought his mother's wisdom on the matter. After listening to the pious poultry's howls, his mother insisted on clemency.

"Let it be, son. It's a blessing on our home."

As word of the rarefied rooster spread, an offer of $500 came in. The family has wisely refused to sell. They couldn't even sell it if they wanted to, as their neighbors consider the chicken a blessing on all of them.

"Upon hearing this rooster, some neighbors of ours turned to God. They pray and attend the mosque now," Ismatullayev said.


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