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Ariel Sharon Struck by Kaballa Curse

from Sploid

The same Israeli radicals who put a death curse on Prime Minister Yitshak Rabin only a month before his 1995 assassination say they also cast the grim spell on Ariel Sharon before his debilitating stroke.

"This curse is known in the Aramaic language as a pulsa denura or 'lash of fire,' and was motivated by opposition to the policy of withdrawing Israeli settlements from Gaza,"
Fortean Times reported.

"This action against Sharon showed the combination of politics and religious extremism at the heart of the current Middle East crisis."

The article was published in Fortean Times' January issue, just days before Sharon
was struck by a massive stroke. While it hasn't yet killed him, it forever ended his leadership of Israel.

A kaballist magician led a group of Jewish settlers in the
ritual held last July.

They gathered at the grave of Shlomo Ben Yosef, a young vigilante Zionist from Poland who in 1938 decided to avenge the murder of early Jewish settlers by opening fire on a bus filled with Arabs.
He was executed by the British, who controlled Palestine at the time, and has become a hero to hardliners.

Once Sharon fell ill in January and then lapsed into a coma, Jewish settlers evicted from their homes on Sharon's orders were thrilled.

"Nothing could kill Sharon, and he said his ancestors lived until they were over 100 years old, but
we got him with the pulsa denura," said Baruch Ben-Yosef, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Ben-Yosef was one of the men who took part in the July ritual against the prime minister.

But medical experts say Sharon
hardly needed a death curse. At 77 years old, the morbidly obese prime minister had suffered a lesser stroke just a month earlier.

The pulsa denura has reportedly been effectively used against many political leaders beyond Rabin and Sharon. Even the fabled Curse of the Kennedys goes back to a pulsa denura against Joseph Kennedy and his sons cast by a furious Polish rabbi in the 1940s,
according to legend.

Those wanting to send their own Kaballa death curses can find
willing practitioners on eBay.


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