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Monk's Body Pristine 15 Years Postmortem

from WikiNews

LAMIA, GREECE – The Greek Orthodox monk Visarion died in 1991. A week ago, the head monk and Bishop of the Religious House in which Visarion was buried decided that the tomb of the late monk should be opened due to works and constructions in the Monastery's area.

Alter Channel Television reported in its main news program that the monks and two medical examiners faced an extraordinary occurrence during the opening of Visarion's tomb and coffin. They said that the body of Visarion was intact, without any single sign of body corruption. Moreover, the Bishop of Fthiotida called the retired Professor and ex-head of the medical examiners in Greece, doctor Panos Yamarelos, to examine the body of the monk himself. Yamarelos told the reporters that he hadn't seen such a medical occurrence in his 50 years of experience. More specifically, as Yamarelos and two other medical examiners said on television news programs, the body of Visarion did not have any sign of skin corruption or colour change. "It was like he died a few minutes ago!" doctors said on Alter Channel and Alpha TV reports.

His face characteristics, as well as his canonicals were in pristine condition. As another opinion about the issue, a professor of medical jurisprudence at the University of Athens said that it is possible that the body had been mummified; and as a result of this, it remained untouched by time.

Since the news was published, thousands have gone to the monastery to worship at the body, saying they have no doubt the event is a miracle.

The Bishop of Fthiotida, Nikolaos, has decided that the issue should be discussed at the Church of Greece Council in Athens. The Council will decide if the Greek Orthodox Church could acclaim monk Visarion as a "Saint" of the Christian Orthodox Faith.

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