Stripper Attacks You Before Bible Study?
I Hate It When That Happens!
So I Stopped Reading the Bible

Hell's Own Strippers

from Sploid

A retired California salesman says a stripper attacked him in his home...just before he was headed to bible study.

But she didn't exactly bust down the door.

John Skinner, 54, told police that 25-year-old exotic dancer Maureen Murphy knocked on his door and offered a "free strip-o-gram," the Atascadero News reported.

Skinner apparently thanked God for his good fortune and let Murphy inside.

But she wasn't alone. Her henchman, 23-year-old Richard Adam, was hiding outside with a knife.

Murphy, owner of "Bikini Assassins," was actually there to make the salesman pay an old debt.

Seems Mr. Skinner has a taste for whores and Bikini Assassins was a favorite provider of outcall services. But he allegedly stiffed Adam because one hooker fell asleep before he could have intercourse with her.

As payback, Murphy and her assistant gave Skinner a good beating, tied him up, took valuables (and Viagra), from his bedroom and even tried to steal his car, according to the Associated Press.

But the car was out of gas.


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