What Would Britney Do?

from E! Online

And thus it was that, for her next trick, Britney Spears got all theological.

In Hollywood, Spears, 24, will play a conservative Christian talk-show host on an upcoming Will & Grace, NBC said. The episode is scheduled to air Apr. 13.

Meanwhile, in England, Spears' name has been invoked in a church debate posing the musical question, "What would Jesus say to Britney Spears?"

The Stechford Baptist Church in Birmingham series also plans to engage its congregation in what Jesus would say to late rapper Tupac Shakur, cartoon Bart Simpson, and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, the Birmingham Evening Mail reported.

"The event is not about pointing the finger at Britney Spears and saying, 'Look how bad she is,'" church member Ray Jellicoe said in the newspaper.

Rather, Jellicoe told the Evening Mail, the aim is to use the pop star's life as an object lesson: "We picked Britney because she's got what so many people want -beauty, fame, and fortune. But she's still not happy."

Spears might beg to differ on the state of her happiness. According to NBC's exhaustive press release touting the Will & Grace stint, the pop star is an "ever-growing and ever-exciting artist at her absolute best."

No word on what Jesus would say about that.


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