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Global Warming Isn't Even on the Gay Agenda!

Born-Agains Scared of Global Warming!

from Sploid

Leaders of America's evangelical mega-churches have demanded that the White House save the world from global warming.

Although fundamentalist Christians have historically been antagonistic towards environmentalist causes, 86 evangelical leaders announced today that they've bought full-page newspaper ads asking President Bush to tackle climate change.

The ad runs in Thursday's edition of the New York Times.

The Christians also previewed a television commercial they hope to show in national TV markets.

"With God's help, we can stop global warming for our kids, our world and our Lord," the commercial says.

But some high-profile evangelicals were notably absent from the list of 85 national Christian leaders: The nationally-known fundamentalists closest to President Bush have all avoided the call for environmental action.

Pat Robertson and James Dobson, two of Bush's loyalist lieutenants, were not on the list.

But the pastors in charge of some of America's largest mega-churches did sign the demand for action, along with Christian heavy hitters such as the Salvation Army's national commander, the author of bestselling born-again book "The Purpose Driven Life," the editor of Christianity Today and the president of the leading Christian university, Wheaton College.

American evangelicals are far more interested in environmental issues than you would know from listening to self-appointed leaders such as Pat Robertson. An overwhelming 75% of U.S. born-again Christians say they support "reducing global warming or protecting wilderness areas from development," according to Christianity Today.

It's only the latest problem the Bush Administration has had with its political base. White House operatives have watched helplessly as small-government conservatives, angry border activists and Republicans who respect the Constitution have broken ranks with the Bush Administration.


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