Mustafa Big One To Satisfy Me

The Mohammed Who Shagged Me

from Sploid

The battle over the Prophet Mohammed's image reached a fever pitch on Wednesday as a sex doll named for Islam's founder was put on sale in England.

Sex-toy retailer Ann Summers released a new line of products this week, including a blow-up doll called "Mustafa Shag."

The inflatable date comes complete with a 7-inch penis.

Turns out that Mohammed has many names awarded to him by God and Muslims, and one of those is apparently "Mustafa."

That means English gals taking a ride on Mustafa Shag's seven-incher are actually getting busy with the Prophet, furious U.K. Muslim leaders said, according to the Independent.

The central mosque in Manchester released a letter condemning the sex toy.

"You have no idea how much hurt, anguish, and disgust this obnoxious phrase has caused to Muslim men, women and children," the statement said.

"We are asking you to please relent on compassionate grounds, and have our Most Reverend Prophet's Name 'Mustafa' (Peace Be Upon Him) and the afflicted word 'shag' removed as soon as possible."

But with so many Mohammed Mustafas in the world, how can the angry zealots know which one the sex-toy is named after?

Executives at the sex business said the whole thing was ridiculous.

"We don't want to offend, but this feels like political correctness gone mad," CEO Jacqueline Gold said. "If anyone has a better name for a blow-up doll, please let us know."


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