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AFA Prevents Members From Having To Change the Channel

from Best Week Ever

No Britney on Will & Grace? The National Ledger has the info:

Reacting to pressure from Christian groups, NBC canceled an episode of Will & Grace that featured Britney Spears as a conservative who hosts a cooking segment called "Cruci-fixin's" on a Christian TV network...

The American Family Association said NBC canceled the segment after pressure from its affiliates and AFA. But the network said its own description of the segment was a mistake. In a memo to affiliates, NBC said "the information was mistakenly included in a press release describing an upcoming episode of Will & Grace which, in fact, has yet to be written. The reference to 'Cruci-fixins' will not be in the show and the story line will not contain a Christian characterization at all."

But the AFA wasn't born yesterday:

"NBC wanting us to believe they were mistaken in describing the segment, that they didn't know what was in their own press release, just doesn't hold water," said AFA Chairman Donald E. Wildmon.

If Britney's appearance is the biggest objection the AFA has with Will & Grace, maybe we're advancing as a society after all.


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