Fuck Hannukah: Christians Bully Stores into Pretending Jews, Hindus & All Non-Christians Simply Don't Exist

Target, Sears Do About-Face, Say They'll Include 'Christmas'

from BP News

WASHINGTON - Two of the country’s largest retail chains have reversed course and are now directly acknowledging Christmas in their in-store promotions and advertising.

Target and Sears both informed the American Family Association, a pro-family organization based in Tupelo, Miss., they are using "Christmas," thereby changing their recent practice. As a result of Target's decision, AFA announced it would end its boycott of the chain. Although AFA had not called for a boycott of Sears and its subsidiary, Kmart, the organization had listed the company as one of those that had banned "Christmas" in favor of more generic words, such as "holiday."

Pro-family leaders who had called for changes by offending retailers welcomed the decisions.

"We are pleased to learn that Target has heard our concerns and decided to use Christmas in their advertising and marketing efforts," AFA Chairman Donald Wildmon said in announcing the end of the boycott in a written statement. "We think you will see a different approach next year.

"Corporate America is getting the word from the grassroots," he said.

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, commended AFA, other groups and Americans who "expressed their outrage to these large retail outlets and who exercised the stewardship of their purchasing power to bring about a 180-degree reversal by these corporate giants."

"In the ongoing campaign by a small minority of rabid secularists to expunge the acknowledgment of the Christian heritage of much of our nation, a powerful counterweight is an aroused American citizenry that refuses to be pummeled any longer by these secular elitists," Land told Baptist Press. "This should be a warning to all of those who seek to bow to the gods of political correctness, and the warning is, 'Christians aren't going to take it anymore, and there will be a heavy price to be paid for discriminating against people of religious faith.'"


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