'Oh My God! Sh-She Menstruated on Kenny!'
'You Bitch!'

South Park Episode Angers Catholics

from The Associated Press

NEW YORK - The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is condemning an episode of South Park that it says "defiled" the Virgin Mary.

The cartoon, which runs on Comedy Central, features an episode this week titled "Bloody Mary," in which a South Park character claims to have been sprayed by blood from a body orifice of a Virgin Mary statue. When Pope Benedict investigates, he declares that she's just having her period.

The Catholic League is calling on the board chairman of Viacom, which owns Comedy Central, to apologize to Catholics and stop the episode from airing the next several nights as scheduled.

The Catholic League notes that Viacom chairman Joseph Califano is a practicing Catholic, and that today is the church's feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.


Blogger nine said...

so lemme get this strait... Mary is a woman. and she has her period. and South Park makes fun of EVERYfreakingONE. where's the crime again?

Jesus. them Catholics sure need to get some less annoying hobbies. take up knitting. yodeling. SOMETHING.

December 11, 2005 3:57 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

It's always something with them. I don't remember them demanding an apology when "Red Hot Catholic Love" aired, which directly stated that molesting young boys was part of the typical Catholic priest's way of life. They get all bent out of shape over this, though. Go figure.

December 13, 2005 7:11 PM  

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