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Ark Built to Divine Size

from News24

AMSTERDAM - A deeply pious Dutch businessman is well on his way to completing a faithful reconstruction of Noah's Ark in scaled down form on the basis of biblical texts, the Volkskrant newspaper reported on Thursday.

Johan Huibers, 47, plans to take his 70m vessel on a tour of the Dutch waterways once it is complete, planning to set out in spring next year.

Huibers, from Schagen in the province of North Holland, conceived the idea 13 years ago.

He embarked on the project with his son Roy, 17, a couple of months ago after taking out a loan of £300 000 from the local bank.

"I have studied six translations of the Bible and arrived at a construction drawing," he told the daily.

Huibers wants to set up a foundation to run the Ark and plans to use the funds raised to build a full-scale version in a couple of years.


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