St. Jesus: Patron Saint of Crystal Meth?

The Patron Saint of Drug Dealers?

from 7Online

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - According to authorities, a bandit straight out of Mexican folklore has become a patron saint to many drug dealers in this city. Some even have altars devoted to the Robin Hood-like character in their homes.

Known as the "narco saint" by many law enforcement officers and drug dealers, Jesus Malverde, according to legend, was a man caught and hanged as a thief in the early 20th century. Then he began appearing to people in peril to save them.

Police Detective Pete Cavazos estimates that up to 80 percent of Mexican nationals involved in the Bakersfield drug trade have Malverde's likeness on a personal item.

"It protects the drug dealer and brings good luck to the drug dealer," Cavazos said. "It might sound comical to others, but they take it very, very seriously."


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