Piece of Pottery Proves Existence of Giants? Hmm...That Sounds an Awful Lot Like 'Intelligent De-Science' to Me

Skull-Crushing Decapitation of Enemies: Ahhh, the Bible...good times.

David and Goliath Real?

from Reuters

A recent excavation in southern Israel has revealed what one professor says is evidence that the biblical figure of Goliath existed and that the story is more than just a legend.

"This name connects to here and both these names connecting to this Indo-European names which in turn connects to Goliath," explains Professor Aren Maeir, Chairman of Bar-Ilan's University's Martin Department of Land of Israel studies and Archaeology.

A shard of material from a clay pot revealed during excavations at an ancient ruin mound in southern Israel called Tell es-Safi, seems to reveal letters which spell out the biblical name. The area is located between the Gaza Strip and the Israeli port city of Ashkelon.

Following close examination of the shard, Professor Maeir, along with a team of experts in the field, reached the conclusion that the inscription mentions two names, written in archaic "Proto-Canaanite" letters, which are similar to the name "Goliath".

Maeir noted that the finding is even more remarkable because of the location. Gath is mentioned in the Bible as the hometown of the biblical figure of Goliath.

The most significant revelation, Maeir explained, is that the two names are etymological parallels of Goliath.

"It shows us that the cultural context of the story of David and Goliath fits in very well with the archaeological and inscriptional evidence that we have, that it means that Goliath does not necessarily has to mean something from a much later period such as some scholars have suggested, here we have a name like Goliath from 50 to 100 years after the story," said Maeir.

The findings show that names similar to Goliath were in use during the 9th and 10th centuries in Philistine Gath. This chronological context is only about 100 years after the time of David, according to standard biblical chronology. This, according to Maeir, reveals evidence that the biblical story of Goliath is based on the cultural reality that in fact existed during the early Judean monarchy.

Maeir says this discovery is enough evidence that the biblical story of the battle between David and Goliath may be more than just a legend.

'No...nothing about talking clay dogs being real. Sorry, Goliath, I guess you're still just a big fat myth-wait...except in Kansas, where it says here you've just been elected to the school board! Way to go, old pal!' 'Eat your sister, Davey. Start with her eyes.' 'What?!' 'Nothing.'


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