Anti-Bush Church Threatened by IRS for Politicizing
Pro-Bush Churches: Exempted & Probably Giggling

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning

from Crooks & Liars / Los Angeles Times

This hypocrisy is frightening, dangerous and once again exposes the fallacy of this faith-based presidency. It's fine for preachers to campaign for George Bush and say anything they want, but beware the man of God who opposes the war. I wonder what would have happened if the Pope resided in the US. Would the Catholic Church have the IRS breathing down their necks?

Dave Johnson has more: "How many "conservative" churches that DO tell parishioners how to vote have received similar letters? Has the Heritage Foundation, also a '501c3' charity, received a similar letter? Jerry Falwell? James Dobson? Of course not. But a minister gives a sermon saying that Jesus would be against the war, and he gets a threat-letter from the government. Watch your backs!"


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