Crybaby Catholic's Cartoon Complaint Quietly Canned

Popetown Complaint Thrown Out

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AUSTRALIA - The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) has thrown out a complaint against C4's irreverent cartoon show, Popetown, which had been slated "anti-Catholic propaganda."

The complainant, Stephen Leaper, had complained that Popetown was "offensive, biased and misleading," and served no purpose "except the promotion of anti-Catholic propaganda and discrimination." He also alleged the programme was unfair because only the Pope and Catholics were singled out for ridicule, and it did not qualify as a "humorous or satirical work."

However, CanWest, the company that owns C3, argued that the characters were obviously "caricatures and exaggerations." CanWest noted that an expected part of the cartoon genre was that events did not have to follow reality, and Popetown "did not relate to the Catholic Church except in the most trivial of ways." The cartoon did not intend to promote anti-Catholic propaganda: its sole purpose was to entertain.

CanWest quoted the communications director of the Catholic Church in New Zealand, Lyndsay Freer, who said she "couldn't take it seriously enough to consider it harmful or offensive."

Leaper was not satisfied with CanWest's response, saying 500,000 New Zealand Catholics could be affected by the cartoon even if they had not seen it, because it "instigated anti-Catholic feeling."

In releasing the BSA's decision, chair Joanne Morris said it accepted that the satire was likely to offend at least some Catholics - but as Popetown did not contain offensive language, violence, sexual material, nor nudity, it did "not go beyond commonly accepted norms of good taste and decency."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I've got an idea... let's create a cartoon - harmless in intent of course! - and call it Jewtown!

We could have the menacing looking Rabbi, who has a penchant for young boys, and a couple of his "money-grubbing", hooknosed followers, as the main stars!

It wouldn't directly satirize synagogues as such, and it clearly would not be our intent to demonize "Jews" per se... so, why not?!

Do you think the BSA would be so quick to throw the case out then? Honestly?

No, I don't think so either... In fact, I think there would be a virtual media avalanche in support of any Jew who protested such a show... and rightly so.

So, why the double-standard?

January 11, 2006 8:06 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

Oops! Our bad!

Dear Unk. _. Anonymous (074x-CTH01-CZY04-051212 - 05):

We apologize for the delay! We here at Godless Wonder are committed to providing our saner readers with timely responses to their less mind-numbing and/or pointless inquiries and comments. But as you probably know Unk. Anonymous, the holidays can be a dizzying time, and it's no different here at Godless Wonder! And as you might imagine, Christmas is a very busy time for us in particular. All the baby Jesi to steal (SOLD OUT), carollers to pelt with stones (VHS Only), and blasphemies to commit (See Our Rates)! All while waging the War Against All That Is Good and the unscheduled War on Christmas (Not Avail.), which caught us completely by surprise, we had our hands full. It was an especially trying time for our great founder, Darren. And in what has become an annual event here at the office, the resulting "collapse from exhaustion" has been followed by several weeks of "recovery" (Sin of Sloth). This has caused some...seasonal difficulties, often streaked with vulgarities, that have resulted in the unfortunate delay to your response - and for that, we are truly sorry!

The leader is only now addressing his overdue correspondance. Castigations and damnations alone fill up three email accounts! But he has almost assured us, after some convincing, to consider possibly replying to your comments, and maybe even very soon! While the general nature of your comments - Catholic Claims Discrimination - was considered "overdone" and filed under "name one that doesn't!" but when reminded that it was about - That Bad Pope Cartoon - he giggled. That's a very good sign.

Just in case you're checking back, perhaps gloating righteously at having smote our great leader into holy silence, don't frame that printout just yet!

Bear with us just a little longer! Who knows!

And a belated Happy Holidays to you Christians, Merry Christmas to you Jews, and a Happy Hannukah to one and all!

January 24, 2006 2:44 AM  

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