Looks Like It's Porridge & Water for the Messiah Part Deux...

Baby Jesus' Insurance Cancelled!

from Sploid

Raising a child as a single parent can pose serious financial challenges. Fearing that they wouldn't be able to cover the expense of immaculate pregnancy, three sisters in Scotland took out insurance in the event they were so blessed. It was with heavy hearts that they heard their policies had been cancelled.

Simon Burgess, managing director of Britishinsurance.com, delivered the news last week.

"Three women, all Christian sisters who live in Inverness, came to me in the year 2000 and asked me to insure them in case they immaculately conceived the second coming of Christ," Burgess announced. "They have renewed the policy of £100 each year since 2000 and would get a payout of £1million if they had an immaculate conception."

The move came after protest from Catholics who considered such thoughtful financial planning to be in poor taste.

"Our company used to specialize in weird and wonderful policies, and this was one of them...The Catholic Church was not happy about what we've been doing," according to Burgess.

The women weren't trying to profit from their faith. They just wanted a Second Coming fit for a King.

"They say if Christ came again they want to give him a lifestyle commensurate with his status and the money would pay for that."

'I wonder what it taaaastes like?' 'Bite it aaaand see!' 'Dibs on the genitaaaaals!'


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