This Version Mary Cries Suspicious Non-Blood;
That Version Mary Finds Happiness, Cries No More

Madonna Clone Sheds Clone Tears

from Sploid

A copy of a Madonna that was said to weep tears of blood is, apparently, weeping tears of...tears.

"They look like real tears. I put some in my mouth and they tasted of water and salt," said Monsignor Girolamo Grillo, the bishop of Civitavecchia.

The original statue started crying in 1995 and was soon impounded by police. A Vatican investigation showed that the blood on the statue came from a human male.

The owner, Fabio Gregori, refused to submit to DNA tests.

Now Gregori is saying the copy of the bloody Madonna is doing the same darned thing as her predecessor, only with tears.

The Catholic church, once eager to label any liquid-emitting sculpture a "miracle," has taken a more cautious stance lately. Just last week, the bishop of the Santa Lucia Church in Forli, Italy removed a "weeping" statue of the Virgin Mary from his church and took it to his office. It hasn't wept since.


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