Y'Know, Nice Girls - 'Virgins' - Don't Hang Out Under Freeways...

The best way to clear up a pesky idiot clot? Science books. Makes their skin smolder.

Virgin Mary? Hundreds Gather Under Interstate

from NBC5

CHICAGO - Um...yeah...that's nothing.More than 200 people gathered Saturday evening under the Interstate 74 bridge over the Rock River in Moline, where some local residents have reported seeing an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Authorities said the crowd Saturday evening was the largest since the reports of sightings began.

Some of the curious last night brought lawn chairs, binoculars and cameras. Others flipped out their camera phones to take a shot of what they saw.

Many wouldn't go on the record as to whether they saw an image or not.

Last year, thousands of people flocked to the Fullerton Avenue underpass on the Kennedy Expressway to see an image that officials believed was a salt stain, but some believed was the image of the Virgin Mary.

A man was later charged for allegedly writing the words "Big Lie" over the image.

Is that...is that little bastard kissing the Virgin Mary's hootenanny?!?! Forcing children to perform oral sex under freeway overpasses on 2000yo dead virgins...there's just so many things wrong with that I don't know where to begin.


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