Holy Mackerel!

Allah & Mohammed Bless U.K. Fish Tank

from Sploid

A Liverpool man recently took his children to see the fish tanks at his local pet store. While there he witnessed what can only be described as a minor miracle.

Ali Al-Waqedi, 23, and his two children were enjoying the majestic beauty of the Oscars swimming about. It was then that he saw a fish whose markings clearly spelled "Allah" in Arabic.

"Then I saw that one of them had the word Allah. It was so clear, and it made me very happy," Al-Waqedi gushed.

The blessing was quickly doubled when a second fish swam by with the Arabic spelling of "Mohammed" on its side.

"Then we saw that another one had the word Mohammed, and that was even better. To see the Allah fish was exciting, but to have the Allah and Mohammed fish in the same tank was unbelievable.

"I believe it is a message from Allah to me, a reminder, and it makes my faith even stronger."

He promptly bought the fish and took them to a friend's house for holding until he can prepare a tank of his own. Luckily for the local Muslim community, the friend lives near the mosque.

Over the last week about 100 people have stopped by to witness the watery miracle.

To Sheikh Sadek Kassem, imam of Liverpool's Al-Rahma mosque, the meaning is clear: "This is a proof and a sign not just to Muslims, but for everyone."

Kassem backed this up by quoting the Koran.

"Soon we will show them our signs in the regions, and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the truth."

It's the second time this month that Allah has given us incontrovertible proof of his existence. How else to explain a chicken that squawks "Allah"?


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