Example 1: The Wolf Who Cried Boy

This article illustrates perfectly the absolute corruption and decay at the heart of the conservative Christian movement. At every step of the process that brings this pastor to the headline below, he - with almost cartoonish obviousness - illustrates just about every ugly aspect of modernday Christians. Whenever you hear a conservative Christian talk about left-wing radical ideologues or conspiracies to destroy America by atheists and Democrats and homosexuals and "activist judges" (a judge they disagree with) and Satanists, this article is what it's about. A lie. Bigotry and greed wrapped in god. Whenever you hear a conservative Christian talk about anti-Catholic hate or being discriminated against because of their religion - it's a lie. They are the 95% majority; they suffer no discrimination. When someone tells them "no, " they consider it a hate act and throw out the god card. They know it's a lie, we know it's a lie. Whenever they say taking away some preferrential treatment they never should have been granted constitutes them losing rights, it's a lie. The War on Christmas? A lie. It was their war on Hannukah and Kwaanza and anyone who celebrates holidays other than theirs. So they lie. And they lie in unison, from scripts, in carefully cosmetic press events, using the same ridiculous catchphrases, and it's all a well-orchestrated lie. Wild, crazy, laughable conspiracy theories that are swallowed without question by a nation of people too dumb, fat, and ignernt to think for themselves. So they're manipulated, while we stand by in disbelief that people could be that ugly, hateful, and stupid - and still run the country. And call themselves Christian.

Judge Scolds Pastor for Bringing Lawsuit Over Anti-Gay Remark

from KLFY

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin's largest gay rights group was awarded $87 thousand in attorneys' fees by a judge who scolded a Louisiana pastor and his lawyer for bringing a frivolous lawsuit claiming the group defamed him.

Grant Storms, of the Reformer Ministries in Marrero, claimed in the lawsuit that Action Wisconsin defamed him by saying remarks he made at a 2003 anti-gay conference in Milwaukee advocated the murder of gays.

But in a ruling last week, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Patricia McMahon said the group's interpretation of the remarks was reasonable and the lawsuit lacked merit from the day it was filed in February 2004.

The judge also blasted Storms' lawyer, James Donohoo of Milwaukee, saying he should have known the complaint was a waste of time.

Storms was one of several speakers at the "International Conference on Homo-Fascism," a gathering of people who railed against gays.

Action Wisconsin obtained an audio recording of the conference and publicized remarks that the group said incited violence and hatred.

In his speech, Storms said gay rights' opponents should "start taking it to the streets." He mimicked gun fire: "Boom, boom, boom, boom. There's twenty! Ca-ching," according to a transcript.

Storms says any contention that he was advocating the murder of gays is "ludicrous and ridiculous." He called the judge "liberal" and "insane" and says he'll appeal.


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