The Pope: Joey's Beeyatch

Popes Beaten in Ratings

from The Associated Press

NEW YORK - CBS bested ABC in last week's competition between TV movies about the late Pope John Paul II, but the results hardly answered any network prayers.

The first part of CBS' story, which starred actor Jon Voight, was seen by 7.5 million people on Sunday, according to Nielsen Media Research. That's nearly three million fewer viewers than CBS' Sunday movie has averaged this season.

ABC's two-hour movie, Have No Fear: The Life of John Paul II, was seen by 6.7 million people last Thursday. That beats the 6.1 million average that Alias and Night Stalker have been drawing in the time slot this season on Thursday, a night where ABC usually struggles.

However, any program that's beaten in the ratings by NBC's Joey (7.3 million) doesn't have much to brag about.

Eunuch warlocks at the Vatican cast a binding spell on the excavated casket of John Paul II to ensure that, following several embarrassing television appearances, he 'really, really stays dead this time.'


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