Even Down Under, Christians Whine & Whine & Whine When Not Shown Favoritism They Think They Deserve

Church-Linked Charity Can't Exclusively Employ Christians

from CNSNews

A Baptist Church-linked association in Australia working with families affected by poverty, drug abuse, and other difficulties has been denied permission to employ only committed Christians.

A tribunal in Victoria ruled that restricting employment to Christians would violate the state's equal opportunity laws. The tribunal argued that it could be beneficial to the people being helped if those providing the assistance have "a diversity of beliefs."

But the same tribunal, in an unrelated case, recently approved an application to allow a public swimming pool complex to offer special men-only hours, to cater to Muslim men who don't want to share the facility with women.

The decisions have disturbed Christians already worried about Victoria's separate religious tolerance legislation, under which two pastors have been found guilty of vilifying Islam and ordered to adjust their teaching and apologize.

"This is yet another indication that the Christian faith is under very real threat in Australia," Bill Muehlenberg of the Australia Family Association said Tuesday.

"The pattern of appealing to tolerance and diversity in an attempt to undermine the distinctives of Biblical Christianity is becoming a real worry."


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