Katie, Katie, Katie! Did Brooke Shields Teach You Nothing?
Bad Cultist! Very Bad Cultist!

Katie Holmes Endangers Miracle Baby with Street Drugs!

from Defamer

Unless Katie Holmes was dressed up as a Scientology war bride or a thetan incubator, she didn’t appear to be in costume at a Hollywood Starbucks on Halloween. The internal spawn was barely visible, and, though her baby shall be born unto silence, she ordered a caffeinated drink. She can’t talk to her belly or enjoy an epidural, but she can drink caffeine?

Then, proving that she is truly depraved, she had the audacity to top her soy pumpkin spice latte with whip cream. Not only is the mock-pumpkin beverage totally plebeian, but the mixing of soy and dairy is plainly tacky, crass even. Doesn’t she know that all the real Scientologists drink Americanos?

Bitch needs some auditing.


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